Twilight Sanctuary

The Twilight Sanctuary is designed to offer to support to our members experiencing distress or low mood outside of our normal office hours, however if you feel like you may be a danger to yourself or others please call 999 and ask for an ambulance

General Information

We are aware that more people than ever are struggling with life’s difficulties and pressures. When life gets too difficult it can be hard to contain the feelings and emotions that arise, which can lead to thoughts of self-harm and/or suicide. Since February 2021  we have been piloting a new Twilight Sanctuary service. This provides comfort and support from experienced and qualifies crisis support practitioners.

The service is open 4 nights a week 5-11pm, Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. On any of these days please call one of our Sanctuary lines : 01874 793118 or 07375 109732. to speak to our practitioners.

What can you expect?
  1. To be treated as an individual
  2. To be listened to non-judgmentally to understand what matters to you
  3. To be supported either by phone or face to face in the centre
  4. To look at coping mechanisms and tools that will help you deal with your situation and the feelings leading to the crisis.
  5. To be signposted to a range of other services to support you following the moment of crisis.
  6. To be referred to the appropriate agencies should you need medical intervention or should you become a risk to yourself or to others.
  7. To find a place of safety where you are able to talk about your feelings and experience with staff and or peers who may have had/are having similar experiences.

meet the twilight practitioners

Trish Evans

Kathryn Jarvis

Dan Brooks

Gareth Pegg

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