Poetry /Creative Writing

Poetry seems to be a favourite for our members who attend the weekly session run by Phil, who has a wealth of experience in this field. Anything is possible with Phil so even if you have never written before, why not try it out.

Creative Writing offers many benefits:

  • A chance to express your thoughts and feelings on paper
  • Gain another perspective on your health and mental well-being
  • A means to escape to happier and brighter settings through the pen
  • A chance to try out creative writing
  • Enhance your writing skills and means of self expression
  • An opportunity to have fun with other people whilst being creative

To find out more, please come along and join a session in Brecon every Friday between 12.30 and 2.30 at Ty Croeso.  Everybody welcome.

A poem recently penned by John “untitled”

   It soon will be Spring
the Winter will go,
The Sun will shine
The North Winds won’t blow
and our noses we won’t
have to blow.

  Lighter, longer days will be here
and we will become full of cheer

   Get out those Shorts and
T-shirts from the drawer,
leave your Winter Coat and
boots near the door.

   The Sun will smile down
from clearer blue skies.

   Out we will go with
a happier jaunt;
the Sun will have a smile
for all to see.                                 
(Feb’ 2016)


We can share our dreams

We can share our schemes

We can share our tears

We can share our fears

We can share our emotion

We can share our commotion

We can share times gone by

We can share a little “white lie”

We can share our topics and themes

We can share all our schemes and dreams

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