Mindfulness Meditation

This is a member’s review of a session run by staff member Wynona.

“Six of us sat in on Wynona’s meditation which began with grounding or sitting with both feet firmly on the floor, back straight and head held high in an alert position.  Eyes could be open or closed.  As I was taking some notes I kept my eyes open for part of the time.

We were asked to take a few deep breaths before being taken slowly through our bodies, a method I believe to get us to concentrate on each mentioned part of the body so as not to think of other things that might normally occupy the mind.

Wynona then called out many different words relating to a good state of mind, peace, serenity, calm, love, boundlessness and so on and we were asked to concentrate on just one of them.

After the session John said he was very relaxed and pictured himself in Greece where he had spent many a past holiday.  A truly wonderful  vision for him and one that perhaps brought up serenity or a similar word.  I did notice that John looked peaceful, in his own little world, trance-like and in a restful place away from his normal routine.

John listened to Wynona but also listened to his heart which was probably saying “Just let go of your normal, everyday thoughts”.  WELL DONE JOHN!  You did just what was needed.  I also say “WELL DONE “ to all who attended and NEVER GIVE UP because you too may find the place where John was and you will know when that happens, just give it time.  Meanwhile just try to relax and enjoy the silence.”