Gardening / Allotment

We have a newly refurbished allotment on the Canal Bank Allotments in Brecon. It has raised beds and a poly tunnel, and a variety of seasonal vegetables and flowers are grown here.  The produce is sold (at a minimal costs) at the centre and the money raised goes towards buying next year’s seeds.  It also provides inspiration for the healthy eating cookery group. The tomatoes and sweet peas were a particular success last year.

Volunteer Graham leads this project throughout the summer on a Wednesday afternoon along Graham for websitewith staff members and members of the community.  It is a lovely place to spend time and social events are help here throughout the summer.


Allotment news –  Summer/Autumn 2015

Following the successful Barbeque at the end of June, where more than twenty people enjoyed sitting and eating in the allotment garden, the weather became hotter and hotter as we entered July, and the tomato plants in the Polytunnel started to grow rapidly.  The regular helpers were kept busy weeding the raised beds and watering all the new vegetable seedlings they had planted  out including runner beans, carrots, beetroot and fennel.

The flowers flourished too, with nasturtiums and calendula marigolds (both edible), asters, cornflowers and dwarf sunflowers, all starting to grow bigger and produce a lot of flowers.  Once again, the sweet peas put on a lovely show, and provided many bunches of fragrant colourful blooms to be brought back and put in vases in Tŷ Croeso.

August provided our first crop of runner beans, the plants by now growing almost out of reach up their bamboo canes.  The first sweet, juicy crisp carrots were harvested their growth spurred on by the alternating days of rain and sun.

Towards the end of August we were harvesting between 10-15 bags of fresh food each Wednesday to sell in Tŷ Croeso, boosted by the first of the tomatoes to ripen.

By the end of October we sold over 400 tomatoes!  The garden is now finished and has been prepared to start again next Spring.

Once again, we have managed over 30 consecutive Wednesdays at the garden, drunk about 150 cups of tea and eaten the same number of biscuits, had a lovely sociable time, and enjoyed the colour and food that the garden gives.  We hope to have raised around £50, which means that we are self funding, and can afford to  buy our seeds, plants, fertiliser and compost for next year, when we hope to welcome new faces at the garden, even if only occasionally, to be with us to enjoy being closer to nature.       Greenfingers