Gardening / Allotment

We have allotment on the Canal Bank Allotments in Brecon. With raised beds and a poly tunnel, a variety of seasonal vegetables and flowers are grown there.  The produce is sold (at a minimal costs) at the wellbeing centre and the money raised pays for next year’s seeds.  The tomatoes, raspberries and sweet peas are an annual success and soon disappear. 

The project is led by, staff member, Nic along with Beanie, and Graham, a long term volunteer and runs on a Wednesday afternoon in the summer months. 

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Nic Peate

It is a lovely place to spend time. Members of Brecon Mind are kept busy planting, weeding the raised beds and watering. 

The group has grown sweet peas, carrots, runner beans, tomatoes, raspberries, beetroot and fennel.  

The sweet peas always put on a lovely show, and provide many bunches of fragrant colourful blooms to be brought back and put in vases in Tŷ Croeso.

Each year the group manage approximately 30 Wednesdays at the garden, drink about 150 cups of tea and eaten the same number of biscuits. It’s a lovely sociable time, enjoying the colour and food that the garden gives.