Mums Matter

Mums matter is an 8 weeks programme, 2 hours a week (usually 1-3pm) for mums feeling any of the following: low, stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, having worrying thoughts and feelings. Being a mum to a new baby is a wonderful thing but it can be tiring with lack of sleep and lots to do, mums can feel alone.

A recent study by researchers at the University of Bristol found the number of young women who exhibit signs of anxiety and depression during pregnancy has risen by 51% within a generation.

The Mums matter programme provides a safe space for mums to come together and share their experiences with others who understand!

The aims of the programme are:
– to dispel the myths about ‘the perfect mum’ and explore what it’s really like!
– to enable mums to learn different tools to manage their everyday
– to support mums in nurturing themselves.

We provide a creche for babies, so mums can focus on themselves and have time out!

Here are some quotes from mums from previous programmes:
“It was great to be able to discuss feelings with mums going through similar experiences”

“The creche gave me time to myself to focus on the course… I feel so much better!”

“I never left my baby before, I was nervous, but he enjoyed it and I enjoyed my space and new-found friendship with lovely mums, felt less alone and more myself”

“My favourite part of the programme was being able to discuss what’s on my mind without being judged, knowing I’m not alone”

To find out more, please call (01874) 611529 or email