Guide to Winter Wellbeing

Go and check out the Green Minds website for 🌿🍂Issue One: December / January

Jess says” We are delighted to be offering the first instalment of the Green Minds online Guide to Winter Wellbeing! The guide includes lots of nature-infused self-care tips and suggestions with the aim of supporting mental and physical wellbeing throughout the colder, darker months ahead. We will also be offering suggestions for things to look out for this winter within your local places of nature…..If you would like to share this first instalment please do so through our website and as always you’re welcome to post any of your experiences, thoughts, observations & photos with us here on the community Facebook page….It’s been a tough year for so many and with more restrictions to come yet lets keep getting out there exploring the natural world for some much needed respite and inspiration over the months ahead…..

Happy Solstice and planet converging magic to you all 🙂✨