Dan’s Half Marathon – raising funds for the centre

“Without Mental Health there is no Health”

It is said that 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem at some time in their life, even though awareness of mental health issues is improving, there is still much to be done by removing the stigma and making mental health a more palatable topic of conversation.  According to the World Health organisation (WHO);

Mental health problems account for 20% of the overall “burden of disease, a larger share than any other single health problem, including cardiovascular diseases (16.2%0 and cancer (15.6%)”  see also Depression’s Depressing Statistics page 9.

For some reason mental health is often spoken of as a “Cinderella” service with disparity between provisions when compared to physical health.  That is why Cardiff Half Marathon was a vital opportunity in raising awareness, money and promote the good work that Mind does.

There were four runners representing Brecon & District Mind including myself and I am told 130 runners in total represented Mind on the day.

I have found running improves my life in many ways physically and for sure mentally, whether it is, time outside my own head, distraction from problems or time and space to think about said problems.

Personally, I have come to see running as a metaphor for life: the long, hard road ahead, the distance-the journey already travelled. The achievements and set-backs. The people you meet along the way.  Different people, different roads, different reasons.  Some people will trip you up and others will pick you up.

I would also like to thank everyone for their support and help along the way.  I have raised around £300. And if you can’t run then walk with calm and poise through life.                       DanB