Our 5 Key Aims

  1.  To promote the preservation of good mental health in particular by enabling and empowering everyone experiencing mental health problems to live with, manage and recover from their condition.
  1. To value and protect vulnerable people with experience of mental distress, and the staff and volunteers who work with them, by ensuring equal opportunities and safe and effective services. We ensure this via performance management, training and support,  meeting and surpassing quality assurance standards.  Our work based in compassion and acceptance.
  1. To increase the understanding of mental health and mental health problems by gathering and disseminating information, working to raise awareness, promote understanding, challenge stigma and discrimination – through the ethos and activities of our service. This is extended to the wider community through our active Friends’ programme and the building of growing community partnerships with mental health and other agencies and bodies and potential employers.
  1. To strengthen ourselves through a robust and broad funding strategy and sound financial planning and management.
  1. To enhance our environment, community support and base for well-being, by honouring and building on the opportunities of our wonderful landscape, the local people, our friends and supporters, our building and our history. We aim to add to and support the life of Brecon and district as well as being supported by the community,  seek to embed an ecological approach in our activities and organisational priorities.