Member’s and Visitor’s Charter

We hope that everyone who attends the centre in whatever capacity will feel relaxed, safe and valued, allowing everyone to maximise their time spent here. In order to maintain these ‘feelings’ there are a few important guidelines which we believe to be necessary and we respectfully request that everyone reads and observes these, which are as follows:

Confidentiality We ask that any discussions between members’ visitors, volunteers and staff alike remain confidential, and are not repeated outside of the Centre.

Anyone attending the centre may ask for a private consultation with a member or staff or volunteer and a quiet room or area will be found and the time given that is needed.

Everyone will maintain confidentiality unless there is the feeling that a person is at risk to others or themselves. In this case or if the problem(s) that needs addressing cannot be adequately dealt with, then a professional body such as the Clinical Mental Health Team (CMHT) will be consulted.

Illegal Substances, Alcohol & Prescription Medication

  • Illegal substances and alcohol are not permitted in the centre and are not to be consumed on the premises either. Please do not come into the centre if you are under the influence of these.
  • Please do not share your prescriptions medication with anyone.

Violence, Threatening and Offensive behaviour

Any type of aggressive behaviour is not acceptable under any circumstances.
The following list identifies some examples of behaviour that is deemed to be violent, threatening or offensive:

  • Physical violence such as hitting, punching, kicking, pushing and poking
  • Causing physical damage to property that belongs to others
  • Bringing in sharp objects, knives and offensive weapons; (carrying these items about your person is against the law and will be dealt with accordingly), so please do not bring these into the centre.
  • Verbal abuse; e.g. shouting, swearing and other forms of foul language
  • Intimidation
  • Offensive gestures and pointing

Money Matters

Many people using the centre may be on low incomes and/or benefits. Their visits to the centre may be to escape some of the pressures this may cause. With this in mind we ask that no money lending or gifting takes place here. This can cause embarrassment and offence.

Thank you!